Name of TeacherTitle of ProjectSponsoring AgencyPeriod
Dr. Bhanu Bezbora KalitaGoalparyiya sthania upvaxasamuhar ek vislexanatmak adhyanUGC2004-2006
 Folk Songs of Goalpara: a Socio Linguistic Study UGC2013-2015
Dr. Johirul HoqueNamoni Asomar Char Chaporit prochalita sathor, fakara yajona aru sadhukotha eti AdhyayanUGC2017-2019
Dr. Someswar RaoMinor Research Project: A detailed Survey of Pteridophytic Flora of Goalpara District of Assam.UGC2004-2006.
Minor Research Project In vitro clonal propagation of Citrus CultivarsUGC2010-2011.
Major Research Project: In vitro micro propagation and conservation studies in some Dendrobium species.UGC2012-2015.
Dr. Dharmeswar BarmanAlgal diversity in the foot hills of West Garo Hill , Meghalaya


UGCOne and half year. Completed in 2014.
Characterization, identification, palynological study and crude drugs authentication of some selected medicinal plantsD.BT. Govt. of IndiaOne and half year. Completed in 2019.
Dr. Dulal Ch. BoruahEvaluation of antioxidant and anti-hyperlipidemic property of few selected medicinal plants.D.BT. Govt. of India3 years (Ongoing)
Abdul HussainAspect of changes in Socio Economic Status of women among rural Muslims in Assam. A Study in Goalpara and Dhubri District.UGC2009-2010
Dr. Manisha BhattacharyyaEconomics of Sericulture cultureUGC2006
Women Education of char areas with special reference to   Goalpara district of AssamUGC2007
Dr. Hemanta K. Kalita Importance to Women’s Education

and   Its social  Impact (A case  History Of Goalpara District}

UGC (NERO)2004-2005
Dr. Manjit BorahEffect of BaTiO3 addition on structural and dielectric properties of Nill0.5Bi0.5TiO3 NanostructureUGC-NERO24 Months
Dr. Jugabrat DasDeveloping a low cost breeding and culture technique of Ompok pabo (Hamilton) in captive condition.ASTEC, Govt of Assam24 months
Prevalence of fish-borne zoonotic trematode (FZT) infection in fishes along with assessment of its major risk factors in the fish farms of Goalpara district, AssamDBT, Govt of India18 months