Department of Political Science

Political Science as a subject has emerged as a dynamic discipline in the twentieth century. From the early Greek times to the present contemporary times it has contributed immensely in understanding and creating awareness among the people about the ideas of freedom, equality, democracy, justice and rights which falls within the subject matter of Political Science.

An understanding of these concepts is important for it helps one to know the ideological debates on political issues and its ramifications in world politics. By discussing current global problems such as terrorism, ethnic movements, human rights, gender equality and environmental problems, it familiarises the students and the larger society about the gravity of the problems confronting the country and discusses the measures that could be offered for tackling and finding possible solutions to them.

Political Science as a subject of teaching was formally introduced along with other subjects of Arts Stream in Goalpara College. Initially, the subject was taught as Civics which is a combination of Political Science and Economics. However, it was only in 1959 that Political Science as a subject was introduced at the degree level. At the time when the College received the deficit grants-in-aid status, the department was adorned by Lecturer Mr Siva Kanta Sarma who single-handedly managed the department efficiently. Since then, various heads of the department have made their own contributions in improving the all round development of the students. At present the Department comprises three Assistant Professors as faculty members.

The Department has the distinction of having the largest number of students both in Honours and Regular courses. At present there are more than 1000 students enrolled in both Higher secondary and Degree courses who has opted Political Science as a subject.

The departmental Library is well-equipped with rich collection of books and journals. There are more than 150 books in the library which can be borrowed by the students according to their requirements. The department is equipped with internet connectivity which is well connected to a Broad Band (LAN) Internet network in the College. Apart from the conventional teaching methods, LCD projectors and Computers are being used for comprehensive teaching in the Smart class room.

The Department has been taking keen interest in organising various seminars and group discussions under the banner of Political Science Forum to keep the students abreast of latest developments in political issues confronting the country. The idea is to motivate the students to participate in these activities in order to enhance their personality and self-confidence. The Department has a Wall Magazine named “The Polis” where students get an opportunity to showcase their talent through various articles in the display board. Moreover, it is an attempt to familiarise the non-political science background students with the subject matter of politics.

The Department makes concerted efforts to make the students analyse the political problems with a humane approach and to develop analytical skills and problem-solving attitude among them so that they become enlightened citizens of India and take on the future challenges with greater confidence.