The Department of Botany, Goalpara College, Goalpara was established in 1966 under the headship of Prof Kulabhusan Das. Initially, it was run by a single teacher but gradually it is increased to five. The major course in Botany was started from the session 1991-92. The department of Botany has laboratories that are well equipped with latest instruments. Audiovisual facilities are also available in the class rooms to facilitate students learning with visual representation of concepts discussed in the class. The department also maintains museum and herbarium specimens. Department of Botany regularly organize botanical excursions, field trips and study tours for students. Faculty members are involved in a number of major and minor research projects sponsored by DBT, DST and UGC. The different laboratory facilities for microbiology, plant physiology, molecular biology, mushroom and Biofertilizer production, tissue culture are available in the department. Department of Botany, Goalpara College, Goalpara has also been running Biotech Hub scheme since 2011.

At present five teachers are present in the Department of Botany. The names are as follow:

  • Dr. Someswar Rao (HOD)
  • Dr. Dharmeswar Barman
  • Dr. Dulal Baruah
  • Mr. Dipankar Borah
  • Miss Kavita Basumatary