The Department of Assamese of Goalpara College has a glorious history of the past. It was established in the year of 1955. Mr. Rohit Kr. Sarma was the first head of the department. Dr. Rabindra Nath Choudhury, Mr.Uttam Ch. Sarma, Mrs. Jamuna Sinha and Dr. Khargeswar Nayak served the department for a long time as permanent faculty. They have established the department as a glorious department in the college. A huge number of students passed out with remarkable result from the department and could engage themselves in the various fields. Specially in the academic and cultural field they have good name and fame among the state. Presently the department has three permanent teachers. In the beginning of the session of every year two or three part time lecturers have been appointed. All the faculty members of the department are sincerely engaged to enrich the students’ lives from every side. The faculty members have very good relationship with the students. Presently faculty members are associated with the various research activities. The department organized one national seminar sponsored by U.G.C. One Major project and two minor projects have been completed by the faculty members under U.G.C. scheme. A huge number of books have been published with ISBN by the faculty members. The Faculty members are associated with the various committees for the development of the college. The department is always trying to keep good relationship with socio-cultural organizations for the greater interest of the community.